Heeeeere’s Johnny: Part II of Golfweek’s exclusive interview with Johnny Miller

Johnny Miller wants to make one thing perfectly clear: he hasn’t done an interview all year.

“If nothing else you have a rare interview,” he says.

For 29 years, if someone was choking during an NBC telecast you better believe he was going to let the viewer know. When he retired in 2019, he said he tried to emulate former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith, who hung up his microphone for ABC’s Monday Night Football and disappeared from the spotlight.

Miller is more than happy to turn up for a golf fundraiser if he believes in the cause and still manages to do a few corporate gigs, but only the Fortinet Championship at his beloved Silverado Resort & Spa, where he is part of the ownership group and typically does a stint in the broadcast booth as well as hosts the trophy presentation, brings him around the life he’s done his best to leave behind.

For Part I of the interview, click here.

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